Try before you buy with the market's most flexible restaurant equipment rental solution

WITH SO MUCH commercial kitchen equipment to choose from, making the right choice can be difficult.

Not to mention the possibility the equipment soon struggles to meet demand or your business changes course and needs different equipment.

Rent–Try–Buy solves this problem by allowing you to try the equipment before deciding whether to buy it, upgrade it, continue renting it, or return it if it no longer suits your needs.

If you decide to buy the equipment — which you can do at any time — you’ll get back 60% of your first year’s net rental payments, to put towards the purchase price.

SilverChef Rent–Try–Buy

May suit you if you're...

• A start-up or existing business
• Looking to try the equipment before deciding whether to buy it
• Want to protect your business’s cash flow.

Key features

✔ Flexible, 12-month rental agreement
✔ Manageable, weekly rental payments
✔ Upgrade or buy the equipment at any time
✔ If you buy, get back 60% of the 12-month net annual rent you pay us — to put towards the purchase price
✔ Continue renting or return the equipment after 12 months
✔ Rental payments are 100% tax deductible.*

How SilverChef Rent–Try–Buy works

1. We approve your application

You select the restaurant equipment you want and we approve your rental application.

2. You rent equipment from us

You rent the equipment from us for manageable, weekly payments under a flexible, 12-month Rent–Try–Buy agreement.

3. You choose from several options

You can upgrade or buy the equipment at any time or, at the end of the agreement, continue renting it or return it to us — whatever fits your needs.

What options does a SilverChef Rent–Try–Buy agreement give me?

At any time during the 12-month agreement you can…

✔ upgrade the equipment
✔ buy the equipment.

At the end of the 12-month agreement you can…

✔ upgrade the equipment
✔ buy the equipment
✔ return the equipment to us
✔ continue renting month-to-month under your existing agreement, or for another 12 months under a Loyalty agreement
✔ work towards owning the equipment over another two or three years for a discount on your weekly payments (SilverChef Easy Own agreement).

Benefits of SilverChef Rent–Try–Buy

Superior flexibility

Our Rent–Try–Buy solution gives you the flexibility to try the equipment before deciding whether to upgrade it, buy it, continue renting it, or return it.

In other words, you can adapt your equipment to the changing needs of your business — flexibility cash or credit cards cannot match.

60% net rental rebate

If the rental equipment proves to be ideal, you can buy it whenever you want to.

If you buy it, we’ll give you back 60% of the 12-month net annual rent you pay us — to put towards the purchase price.

Steadier cash flow

Rent–Try–Buy allows you to get the equipment you need without you having to spend a large amount on equipment up front.

It means you can preserve your working capital for things you typically can’t get finance for, like payroll and food inventory (not to mention unexpected expenses).

Income-tax deductions

Your Rent–Try–Buy payments are 100% tax deductible.

Off balance sheet

Your weekly Rent–Try–Buy payments do not appear as a liability on your balance sheet.

This allows you to keep potential lines of credit open for financial emergencies or leave existing lines of credit undisturbed.

No personal guarantees 

In most cases we don’t require personal guarantees for funding amounts under $100,000 — the rental equipment almost always serves as our security.

Chances are you won’t have to sign over any of your personal assets as collateral.

Our equipment-finance process

1. Shop for equipment

Select the restaurant equipment you want on our online equipment marketplace. Shop now

2. Apply for finance

To get your finance application started, you can either:
- apply online
- send us an inquiry
- call us on +18882339910.
You can expect a decision on your application within one business day.

3. Sign agreement

Upon approval of your application, we’ll ask you to electronically sign and return the Rent–Try–Buy agreement and pay the upfront costs (your first week’s rent and a refundable security deposit).

4. Receive delivery

We’ll deliver the equipment you’ve selected to your business premises, at which point your weekly rental payments will start. (Customers are responsible for arranging and paying for installation — per the manufacturer’s specifications.) 

Restaurant equipment for rent

SilverChef Rent–Try–Buy vs outright purchase

Equipment priced at $10,000 (pre-tax)SilverChef Rent–Try–BuyOutright purchase
Upfront cost$702.87^$10,000†
Ongoing payments$100.41 / week†None
Tax deductionsRental payments§Equipment depreciation#
Total cost @ 12 months$10,000$10,000
Net cost @ 12 months$4,778.48~Varies
Try before you buy
Upgrade equipment
Return equipment

^ 1 week’s rent in advance + refundable security bond of 6 week’s rent.
 Excluding tax
§ Your weekly rental payments are 100% tax deductible.
# You can claim a deduction for the % decline in the equipment’s value each year of its useful life, which typically spans several years.
~ $10,000 minus federal corporate income tax deductions. Excludes any state tax deductions that may apply.
State depreciation schedules and taxes vary — please consult your tax advisor.

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